Therapies & Massages

Terapie e Massaggi

Therapeutic Massage

Ideal massage to relieve tension and muscle aches.

Relaxing Massage with Aromatherapy

Ideal massage to relax your body and your mind. A unique journey through the aromas.

Therapy in the pyramid

1 hour treatment that combines techniques of acupressure, the power of the stones and crystals and the vibrations produced by different instruments. A complete treatment to rebalance the chakras and the microcosm of our body’s energy

Foot reflexology

A therapeutic massage of 45 minutes applies different techniques of compression to areas of the body called reflexes

Biotensor course

You will learn about the pendulum, the Biotester and Kinesiology test in order to easily test what is useful for you. A free Biotensor will be given to you

Chakra Measuring and Balancing

1 hour treatment approximately

Energetic Circle

This treatment consists of measurement of the chakras, physical exercises (yoga), mantra, mudra to reactivate them. A meditation with shamanic drum sound, finishing with Energetic Circle and a free programmable quartz. Duration 1 hour

Vibrational massage of the Chakras

Treatment consists of measurement of the chakras, foot massage, test closure. 50 minutes

Vibrational massage + Metamorphic

Foot treatment 50 minutes