Yoga & Pilates


The word Yoga comes from the Sanskrit root “Yuj” which means “to unite”, and is used to refer to  the  ancient teachings and techniques that allow the harmonious union between the body, mind and spirit. Yoga practice helps us to release stress and tension that the hectic pace of modern society subjects us to.  It also improves our suppleness, strength and muscle tone, relaxes body and mind, improves posture and mobility of joints,  stimulates circulation and benefits  the heart. Anyone can practice yoga, regardless of age, status or religion; everyone can benefit from this discipline. Here you will have the opportunity to practise yoga  constantly assimilating techniques that you can use later  in everyday life. Ideal for those who want to improve their  yoga  or approach it for the first time. Most of the yoga classes are Hatha based, although there are different yoga teachers each week, so you can experience different yoga styles.

Like  Yoga, Pilates is a technique that aims to develop global harmony:

TONING of  muscles,  especially muscles deeper and closer to the skeleton

FLEXIBILITY  improving joint mobility and elasticity,

CONTROL helping to develop the perception of space and time of  your  body.

Close your eyes, clear your mind … BREATHE OUT! … BREATHE IN! … BREATHE OUT! … BREATHE IN!